Trading with refractory materials:

Technical articles of any kind, but with focus on refractory materials and insulation materials, as well as on raw materials and semi-finished products for the production of various refractory components (Ceramic fibre-vacuum formed plates, Ceramic fibre blankets, Ceramic fibre paper, products with AES (bio-soluble) fiber, Cerpak plates, various mounting systems for module and multilayer construction, cords and packets, CaSi and microporous plates, fire-light and insulating bricks, fire bricks up to high alumina bricks).


Production of high-temperature components:

Production of refractory and insulating products, high-temperature sealing components from raw materials of various origins (blanks, stampings, hand-sewn seal elements and ceramic fibre (AES) - modules). Production of fine-grained mixtures of refractory materials with different binding systems. For example, highly stressed components in the melting operation metallurgical plants (burner blocks, nozzle blocks, precast concrete products of all kinds, sealants, refractory mortar, fiber masses, hight-temperature adhesives, coatings, ...).

Installation and Installation supervision

Installations are carried out by our own staff, otherwise the construction work is accomplished under the supervision of GFG.

GFG performs both, new constructions and also repairs. Lining and insulation work will be done in plants of different applications.

The supervision of construction works within the framework of the installation of refractory linings in all related fields.


Engineering and Technical office

Important factors for the development of the company are activities in the context of engineering projects, research and development. The Engineering deals with the following areas:

Research and Development

In the context of research and development, GFG is constantly engaged with partners from industry and different universities with the development of metallurgical processes, which are mainly concerned with the investigation of metallurgical plant residue on Zero Waste base. This is done together with various method-developers, universities and laboratories.

Participation in the development of: